Avimote Real Estate

Avimote Island

Only four premium estates are being offered for rent on the entire island. The rest of the region is a protected nature reserve, providing guaranteed privacy and unobstructed views for every estate.

This is a high performance Full Region configured to allow up to 40 avatars, with the option to increase the limit for special events.

Each estate provides 148m of waterfront, is a total of 8704 square meters and supports 1992 prims.

A furnished house is installed on each estate to provide an example of what can be achieved but you will receive full land rights. You are welcome to delete anything you don’t want, terraform the land and create your own paradise.

A club is available in the center of the island for the use of residents and their guests.

Views and privacy are protected by the covenant.

Own the same views, privacy and performance as a 1/4 full region, for a fraction of the cost.

Follow the sign at the entrance of our in-world store to visit the rental office and view available properties: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avimote/128/203/1501

Avimote Island Map

Avimote Island - North East

Avimote Island North East

Avimote Island - North West

Avimote Island North West

Avimote Island - South East

Avimote Island South East

Avimote Island - South West

Avimote Island South West