Avimote PoseMaker Contest Winners - December 2009

by Avimote Systems 16. January 2010 16:24

The winners of the Avimote PoseMaker December 2009 contest have been announced.

Congratulations to the winners who received the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize - L$2,000 cash + a FilterCam HUD from MechanizedLife (L$1,000) value.
  • 2nd Prize - L$1,500 cash + a FilterCam HUD from MechanizedLife (L$1,000) value.
  • 3rd Prize - L$1,000 cash + a FilterCam HUD from MechanizedLife (L$1,000) value.

FilterCam is a fantastic visual effects HUD system which makes it effortless to add a variety of high quality special effects to your pictures or when filming machinima. 42 high quality masks are provided, including a picture frame and keyhole, as well as blood, cinema, circle, clear, grunge, iphone, nightvision, oval, postcard, scanlines, square, tryptic, and wanted.

Retouched Entries

1st Prize - Ran Garrigus for "Love's Embrace"

Love's Embrace

2nd Prize - ☁ [)αɮσ†αℎ for "Innsmouth Raid"

Innsmouth Raid

3rd Prize - Nuuna Nitely for "Watch out!"

Watch out!

Unretouched Entries

1st Prize - Designer Deanimator for "i jump off..."

i jump off... pose created using avimote pose maker, from the scratch, not touched

2nd Prize - Ran Garrigus for "Dancing on the Ceiling"

Dancing on the Ceiling

3rd Prize - Ginna Lane ♥ for "BathTime"


The Avimote PoseMaker HUD allows residents to pose their avatars in any position they like, right where they are, without the need for external tools.

It can be used to override part of an existing pose, such as when a hand is stuck in a skirt, or to create complete new poses.

The next PoseMaker contest will open in a few weeks.

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